Mitre Delta Replica EFL Football

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BB1981 - W
June 2017
June 2018

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BB1981 - W
June 2017
June 2018
  • The Official Replica of the EFL Delta - the ball of choice for the 2017-18 season.
  • High performance training football designed for intense training sessions and regular use.
  • Foam backed lining ensures easier first touch control, giving players added confidence when dribbling, passing and shooting.
  • Durable outer and superior air-retention bladder makes sure it'll withstand use week in, week out - whatever the weather.
  • A popular choice for football fans with the English Football League logo - great for grassroots clubs or a gift for an EFL fan!
  • Size 3, 4, 5.
  • Colour: White/Blue/Red.

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