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These unprecedented times have enlightened the heroes of the UK to everybody across the globe…….our frontline NHS and keyworkers!!

Our NHS staff have put their lives at risk to make sure the care and support they provide helps their patients and helps stop the spread of this deadly virus and prevent endangering the lives of so many people. 

Here at 3Q we stand in admiration and total respect for the NHS and believe it should be key for teams/clubs/schools across the country to have the option to show a badge of support and honour for our NHS.

What can we do at 3Q to make this happen?

  • We are offering this product FREE of charge to anyone that purchase items from 3Q.
  • We will add this NHS badge onto your kit, training wear, bags or pretty much anything.
  • We will donate 50p to the NHS for every badge ordered and printed.
  • We will apply 1 NHS logo per item for free, items that are purchased through 3Q Sports will qualify. 

With this we are enabling clubs to show their support at no cost to them and also provide much needed funding to everyone involved at the NHS. 

We are here to offer as much support as we can to the NHS and by Staying at Home we are all contributing to Protect the NHS and ultimately Save Lives.

Thank you for choosing this product and supporting our superb NHS. 

Team 3Q

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