adidas miTeam

adidas miTeam


Have you ever wanted a bespoke kit that no other team has? Have you wanted to stand out from the crowd that little bit more? Well now is your chance to do exactly that!

3Q Sports have partnered up with adidas miTeam to bring you bespoke kits and tracksuits exactly how you want them. You can choose from a wide range of colours, add graphics on the shirts that have never been seen on a football pitch before. This is your chance to make a difference and be the one team that everyone aspires to be.

For your first order we will even print and embroider your badge and shirt numbers for FREE. This will apply to orders that have 15 or more shirts or tracksuit tops.

Warning the adidas mi team website is very addictive and a lot of fun.


How to Place an Order.

Follow these simple steps in order to create and purchase miTeam adidas products: 
      1. Firstly you will need to click the link below to the adidas miTeam website.
      2. Create your own mi adidas account.
      3. Customise your team shirts or other mi adidas products as you require.
      4. Once you have designed the garment you need to finalise by entering the details: size and quantities.
      5. For orders over with 15 or more shirts or tracksuit tops do not enter any printing details.
      6. When confirming it will ask to choose a retailer, search for 3Q Sports and assign your order request to 3Q Sports.
      7. We will then contact you to discuss the purchase your miTeam adidas uniform.
      8. Please note this is FREE to do and you are not committed to it an order you submit. Confirmation will come after speaking to 3Q Sports and finalising with payment if required.

      View the adidas miTeam Here

      If you need to discuss anything with this site then please contact our adidas miTeam specialist.

      Reidy - 01353 663333 opt 2 -