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6 reason to join our fantasy football league
You may have seen last year that we ran a 3Q Sports fantasy football league, this year is no different, we go again, back stronger! Our monthly prizes last year included products from our top brands Nike, adidas, Joma, Hummel along with Gift vouchers and much more. We plan to make this year bigger and better so be sure to get involved and get your friends to join 1. Free to...
Knit V Woven
Knit V Woven One of the most frequently asked questions is should I get knit or woven? This question usually comes up when picking training pants, tracksuit jackets and shorts. In this blog post, we hope to give you a better understanding of the difference between the two and hopefully you will be able to pick the best option for Knit The main difference is the construction...
New at 3Q - July 19
Summer has arrived and for some team’s preseason sessions are already kicking off. In this month’s newsletter we have a closer look at preseason equipment, customised footballs, preparation for the upcoming season and much more.
Preseason Equipment Checklist
We have created a section on our website dedicated to preseason equipment, in here you will find all the equipment that you will need to get your team into shape for the new season. In this blog post, you will find a checklist for preseason equipment as well as links to our favourite preseason essentials. Footballs May seem like an obvious one but can often be forgotten...
Customised Footballs
After posting a picture on our social media of Brackley Athletics’ new Samba footballs with their badge on. We had plenty of enquiries about these footballs and other options that were available, so we have written this blog post to hopefully give you a little more information. Mitre The first option available is ideal for smaller teams that are after lower quantities, with the minimum...
Case Study - Alderwood School
Alderwood School came to us with an exciting order for their PE Department trip to Italy, Alderwood is a school for pupils in the Aldershot area for ages 4-16 years. After seeing content on their Twitter profile, this definitely looked like an unforgettable trip for both students and staff. Whether you are organising a school trip or a tour with your club, teamwear doesn't only mean you...
New at 3Q - June 19
As we enter the summer months and the football season has come to an end, it's time to start preparations for next season. In this month’s newsletter we have a closer look at one of our social media competitions, getting ready for next season, summer tours and much more!
Fantasy Football League - GW38
Fantasy Football League - GW37
New at 3Q - May 19
With summer just around the corner and most teams seasons coming to a close, May’s newsletter consists of new staff, a printed numbers special offer, an exciting competition and much more.
Fantasy Football League - GW36
Wembley Doubles - The perfect arrival activity
Our friends over at Edge of Play Coaching have added another great activity to get your players engaged as soon as they arrive. This is the old classic "Wembley Doubles" you may already know how to play this but continue reading for a reminder. This simple classic gets players engaged in your session as soon as they arrive. Shooting, shot-stopping, passing, dribbling, defending, etc etc -...
Fantasy Football League - GW35
Fantasy Football League - GW34
Case Study - Wisbech Town Ladies Football Club
Wisbech Town Ladies is a team that is very close to 3Q Sports, with two of our employees playing for them. Leah, one of our Sales members and Naomi, part of our customisation team. The Cambridgeshire ladies team play in the S-Tech League and this season has been a successful one so far seeing them battle for the league title having only lost one game with promotion in sight. To add to a...
Fantasy Football League - GW33
Fantasy Football League - GW32
New at 3Q - April 19
Now the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are longer, we are starting to get towards the end of the season. Its time to start thinking about next season. In this month’s newsletter, we have a great drill from our friends at Edge of Play, an exciting end of season campaign and much more.
Using movement to create space to attack - unopposed
We have a great partnership with free online coaching resource, Edge Of Play, they provide football coaches with hundreds of coaching sessions and drills. Check out this drill to work on creating space to attack. USING MOVEMENT TO CREATE SPACE TO ATTACK - Working in groups this energetic soccer practice sees players look at different types of attacking movement off the ball...
Fantasy Football League - GW31