10 Match Day Essentials For Coaches


As a coach/manager your whole week will revolve around making sure you are ready for match day. Being organised is a key attribute for any coach but having so much to remember often it’s the smaller things that can make a big difference that gets left behind. We have compiled a list of 10 things all managers need to remember on match day. We know all ages and levels require different equipment but this is just the basics.


1. Footballs – It seems obvious but the last thing you want is to turn up to an away game without any footballs to warm up with.

2. Coaches folder/tactic board – This may be something that never leaves your side as you spend all of your free time trying to pick your team or deciding which drill to do at the next session. Make sure it is with you on game day!

3. Pump & spare needles “This balls flat” this is heard weekly on football pitches across the country. Whether the player’s miss-hit shot is due to a flat ball we will let you decide but make sure a pump is kept in your bag at all times.

4. Medical bag – Prepare for the worst. Make sure that your medical bag is stocked with everything you need. Check out our medical room here.

5. Water bottles Make sure your players take on a lot of fluids on match day to ensure they stay hydrated.

6. Warm Coat Your players may be running around and keeping warm but even the managers who run up and down the sideline will need a warm coat! Check out our range here.

7. Bibs – Great for small games in pre-match warm-ups for know who’s on your team and also for players on the bench.

8. Whistle – As a manager, there may come a time when you are called upon to ref the match if you haven’t got a referee. You may not like it but sometimes you don’t have a choice!

9. Tape – “Anyone got any tape” echoes through changing rooms every Saturday afternoon. Stock up and keep it in your bag, also make sure it matches your socks, especially at higher levels!

10. The kit! – Every manager’s nightmare, forgetting the kit on match day! We hope we don’t need to tell you why this is an essential!


This may not be the most exciting guide but it may come in handy when you’re packing your gear into your car on match day.