4 Preseason Essentials

We have created a small checklist of preseason training essentials to get your team in shape for the new season. We have also added a couple of suggestions from our team here at 3Q Sports.


1.       Footballs


We know we don’t need to tell you that you need footballs to get ready for the new season. The worst thing is turning up to your first session back after the summer break and realising you don’t have enough footballs or your current ones have seen better days and need replacing. We have a great range of footballs for all price ranges. One of our most popular training footballs is the Mitre Magma, a fantastic soft-touch training football with a 3.5mm foam making this ball very forgiving and available from only £5.50.  Another great alternative is the Nike Pitch Team Training ball, brand new for 2017 this ball is available from £6.00 and the durable design offers a true flight off the foot. Or why not try the brand new Delta football from Mitre.

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2.       Cones


 Cones are very versatile pieces of training kit that every team needs, whether they are being used to mark out shuttle run distances or to mark a goal training cones are an essential for any team. We have a great range of cones that come in a set of a variety of colours to help to make sure all of your training drills are as clear as possible. We recommend our Space Markers (50/set).

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3.  Bibs


Another preseason essential is training bibs. We know that almost every training session one of your players will tell you that ‘These bibs stink!’, fear no more we have a huge range of bibs in a large range of colours from all of the top brands as well as unbranded.  The 3Q Mesh Training Bibs come in 10 different colours to help make it obvious who is on who’s team and eliminate the well-known excuse of ‘I though he was on my team!’ 

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4.Water Bottles


 Preseason is often one of the most intense parts of the season, trying to get all your players whipped into shape for the new season. All coaches know keeping their players hydrated is so important, especially in summer preseason when the sun is shining.  Make sure your team is equipped with a good water bottle set. We recommend the Precision x12 Bottle set, this includes 12 750ml drink bottles and a carrier made of sturdy plastic.

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We are not saying that this is all you need for preseason but these items are a great start to get your team into shape to have a great season of football. If you have any question about any of our products please to hesitate to get in touch 01353 663333 or email quotes@3qsports.co.uk.