6 Tips For Winter Football


Summer is well and truly over, as are the days of playing on rock hard surfaces. As we welcome the autumn/winter weather, there are few things to bear in mind when it comes to match day. Below we have listed 6 tips to give you the upper hand!


1. Gamble on rebounds

The winter months are especially hard for goalkeepers. Wet surfaces and wet footballs can be a nightmare for goalkeepers causing a change in the direction and speed of the football as well as hindering their grip on the ball. Make sure your forwards make the most of any loose balls as it could well result in a goal.


2. Take a little off your passes

If you are lucky enough to have those defence cutting through balls in your locker then make sure you take the wet surface into account when it comes to the weight of the pass. The wet surface can cause the ball to roll faster and further. Also, when making shorter passes to teammates bear this in mind too as the ball can be harder to control.


3. Get a grip

Make sure you choose the right footwear for the surface you are playing on. If you can read the winger like a book but you haven’t got the grip to keep up with his quick turns then you may struggle. Studded football boots are best for soft/wet pitches, so it’s time to dig them out and give them a clean before match day.


4. The wind can play a big part

Not only does the rain make a change to your game, the wind can be a nightmare too. The key is to try and read it, if you are playing towards the wind drop of a little as it may hold up and not come quite as far. If you have the wind behind you take a little off or make sure your players push on. It is all about being prepared and using the wind to your advantage. Also, a looping ball in windy conditions can be a nightmare for a goalkeeper so be sure to gamble on the chance that they don’t catch it cleanly.


5. Stay dry

If it’s raining, the players on the pitch have no choice but to get wet. For managers and substitutes on the sideline, rain jackets are essential. We have a large range from all the top brands including Nike, Adidas, Joma and Mitre which you can find here. Want to fight the cold as well as the rain? We have a great range of bench jackets to do exactly that.


6. Winter training

Planning where you will train in the winter months early is essential. As the nights draw in, trying to get a decent training session in the evenings can be a struggle. If you are lucky enough to have lights this may not be an issue for you. Look at local Astroturf pitches in your area and pick a time that suits your team best and book early.