8 kit bag essentials

Turning up to a game and realising you've forgotten something is a nightmare. Run through this checklist before every game to make sure you have everything you need! 

Player bag

First of all is the bag itself. Although regular sports bags will do the job, football player bags are the way to go. Footballers being in mind when the bag is being designed means that the bag has all the compartments that you may need like boot compartment and small valuables pocket. We have a great range of player bags on our website, our favourites are the Joma Novo bag, Nike Club Team Swoosh Hardcase and Adidas Tiro 17 Bottom Compartment Bag.



This may seem like an obvious one but the last thing you want is to leave your boots at home and end up having to use the spares from the kit bag that are 3 sizes too big!



PST Taping kit

You have probably seen a lot of professional footballers cutting the foot off their match sock, we have heard complaints from managers and kit men that amateurs are following suit. This is because traditional nylon football socks can be rough on the foot and have a tendency to slip in the boot. The team at PST have come up with a solution for this, the sock taping kit. This kit consists of three parts, the sock, leg tube and pro wrap tape. This kit is available in 12 different colours, so finding a colour to match your kit should be simple. Have a closer look here.



Rain jacket

Next, we have a rain jacket, some of you may be lucky enough to have them supplied by your club but if not a rain jacket in your kit bag is essential. We have a great range here at 3Q, one of our favourites is the Adidas core 18 rain jacket available on our website from only £23.07. Find it here


Shin pads

Gone are the days of bulky shin pads with attached ankle protectors, it seems like every season professionals shin pads get smaller and smaller. Anyone that has had a kick to the shin (accidental or not) knows that shin pads are vital.

Base layer

Having a base layer is essential in the winter months. For some teams especially goalkeepers it can be a struggle to get a colour match, we supply Rhino Baselayers which come in 17 different colours. Make sure you have them in your bag! Click here to have a closer look.



Tracksuit bottoms

Pack a pair of tracksuit bottoms in your bag to ensure that if you’re not on the pitch you stay warm. The slim fitting training pants seem to be all the rage at the moment and we have a great range of them available here at 3Q. Some of our favourites are the Park 18 bottoms from Nike’s new 2018 range, Joma Champion IV training pants & the Adidas Core 18 Training Pants



Always make sure that you clean your bag out each week, the last thing you want is opening your bag the next game day to find a damp base layer and muddy socks. If you have any questions about these products or any of the other products we sell here at 3Q don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@3qsports.co.uk or calling 01353 663333.