9 Things to remember when attending a summer tournament

It’s that time of the year that clubs are finalising their end of season tournaments and you may have seen that we are supporting clubs up and down the country by sponsoring tournaments and supplying footballs and t-shirts for tournament officials. We have created a small checklist for teams that are attending tournaments this summer. Check over this list before your tournament to make sure you have everything you need!

Arrange meeting times

Prior to your tournament, you will need to arrange times to meet before the tournament or at the tournament for those who want to make their own way there. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there and to get your players organised and warmed up before your first match.

Whether you look after the kit or your players take their own home to wash make sure you pack it in your car or make sure that players/parents know that they need to bring their kit with them! Shop teamwear

Footballs-png.png Footballs to warm up
Bring a couple of football with your so your team can warm up before their games and also keep them entertained and out of trouble when they’re not playing! If your footballs have seen better days, shop our range of footballs here

Water bottles
Although English summers don’t guarantee the sunny weather, 7+ hours in the strong sun can cause dehydration so make sure your players are taking on plenty of fluids. Be sure to keep on encouraging them to drink water and remember to keep refilling the bottles. Most importantly don’t forget the bottles! Shop bottles



                     Spare equipment 
Make sure you bring a few spare bits of equipment (if you have some) just in case your players forget. Think shin pads, goalkeeper gloves, and socks. Also, bibs are a good idea to bring with you just in case of a colour clash. Find our range of bibs here

Were you sent any paperwork that you are going to need on the day of the tournament? Make sure you have this to ensure that registration process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Also, you may need a pen/paper to record results, tactics or formations. We have a great range of managers note books and folders, find them here

First aid kit
Make sure you have your first aid kit with you, as injuries can occur just like on regular matchdays. We all know how a magic sponge can work wonders. Shop our first aid range here

Think about tactics

If you usually play 11-a-side and you are attending a five-a-side tournament, you will need to think about which players are going to play in which positions. Think about tactics and formations as it’s going to be completely different to your style of play when playing 11-a-side. Penalties are inevitable at summer tournaments so have a think about who is going to take penalties.

Make sure you know the structure of the tournament

Ensure that you know the layout of the tournament. You don’t want to be the team that is celebrating thinking they’re through to the next stage when you’ve got a second leg to play.