A closer look: Nike Park First Layer

Nike’s latest range featured a completely new product, one that is used in the professional game but has only just been released to amateur teams. The Park First layer is Nike’s answer to short sleeve kits, when some players want long sleeve. 


Although it is designed to be worn under a shirt it is not the same fit or material as a base layer. Instead of skin-tight stretchy material which some players find irritable, the park first layer is made of a similar material to what the match day shirts are made from. The lower cut of the neck provides extra comfort as base layers can feel uncomfortable when tight around the neck. Many of the team at 3Q were very keen on these tops as they liked how they fit compared to regular base layers. 

With the choice of 14 different colours, the first layer will colour match all of Nike’s shirts in their range. All colours feature a white Nike swoosh in the centre of the chest, except the white which has a black tick. Invisible thumb loops designed for optimal fit can be hidden if the wearer desires. 


When it comes to price the Nike Park First layer it is nearly half the price of a regular base layer. Junior prices start from as little as £9.07 and adults from £12.57.

If you have any questions about this product or any of our other products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team either by calling 01353 663333 or emailing info@3qsports.co.uk