A look back at last year

It’s always good to look back on the previous year and highlight the positives and negatives that have happened throughout the year. 2017 was 3Q Sports best year to date, we had incredible continued growth throughout the business.

We invested at the start of 2017 to grow our workforce and machinery to allow our production output to increase. The one thing we don’t have control of is our customers, we can never force people to use us or neither can we get people to reorder year on year. However you guys do and we can never thank you all enough. It took us by surprise last year to how many new clubs joined the 3Q family, along with 90% of our current clubs remaining with 3Q. This growth was more than what we anticipated, so the workforce we had set to tackle the peak period was not enough. With a lot of hard work and stressful moments we managed to deliver orders to customers and generally keep a good level of service. This was not at the level that we set at 3Q Sports, so again we look ahead for 2018 and to have in place more staff, more machinery and stretch our use as many hours of the day as possible.

2018 has already kick started us off for the year and we can only continue to look ahead and what could be the best year to date. We are fully aware now that we need to continue to push the business as far as possible. This is not possible without investing in new systems and new premises, which are already in motion for us to expand into. We are sure that year on year we will continue to push ourselves to be better than the last yea, we will make mistakes and we will learn. Our drive and ambition here at 3Q Sports is what will make us one of the market leaders year on year.