Customisation Options At 3Q Sports

Customisation Options at 3Q

Once you have chosen which products you want for your team the next choice is if you want customisation. At 3Q Sports we can customise almost anything from the obvious ones like shirts and rain jackets to the less obvious like bibs, bags and corner flags. Customising your team wear will ensure you turn up to matches and training looking professional. We have two main customisation options these are printing or embroidery.


We are extremely proud of the quality of our embroidery. We have 5 embroidery machines which combined can embroider 23 garments at any one time. All of these embroider in single and multicolour. We have a variety of embroidery options:

Embroidered badges look extremely professional and we always recommend embroidered badges over printed as they not only look great but they stand the test of time.

Embroidered text looks great for player names or team names on garments like woolly hats or rain jackets.

Embroidered Initials or numbers are suitable for garments like hoodies and sweatshirts, the text/number height is 40mm and we embroider all initials or numbers in a single colour of your choice.

Embroidered sponsors come in two sizes, large and small. Large sponsors are around 220mm width and look great on the back of garments like tracksuits. Small sponsors are around 100mm width and look good on the breast of garments.

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We have lots of options for customisation when it comes to printing. It is a very popular and cost effective way to customise your garments and make you look professional. At 3Q Sports we have our own in-house design and print team. We offer 9 different fonts for both shirt numbers and text, see below.

We have a range of different printing options.

 Printed club badges look great on sports shirts and training wear. If you don’t yet have a badge designed you can pick from our templates and we will tailor them to your team.

Printed shirt numbers are the most popular customisation option we offer. Choose from our range of fonts and colours to tailor to your teams colours.

Printed player names will make your team look even more professional by being able to have their name above their number on the back of their shirt just like the professional teams. Printed sponsor logo is another popular customisation option. These can be one colour or multiple colours.

Printed initials, small numbers and printed team name are suitable for training wear for example on the breast of ¼ zip sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms or across the shoulders of a rain jacket.

Printed short numbers are another option that will make your kit look very professional. Choose from our range of fonts and colours to tailor to your teams colours.

Printed logo removal and replacement. We understand that sponsorships change, players come and go and other logos become dated and need updating. We can offer a removal of printed logos, numbers, initials etc. on clothing items and replace with a new one.

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