Customised Footballs

After posting a picture on our social media of Brackley Athletics’ new Samba footballs with their badge on. We had plenty of enquiries about these footballs and other options that were available, so we have written this blog post to hopefully give you a little more information.

The first option available is ideal for smaller teams that are after lower quantities, with the minimum order quantity of only 25 units. Mitre offers to print on a large selection of their range of footballs. Pricing starts at as little as £1.54 per football on top of the price of the ball, click here to view our range of Mitre footballs. Please see the pricing structure table below.



Samba customisable Footballs
The other option is Samba’s customisable footballs, ideal for larger clubs looking for larger quantities. The main difference is that the Sambas balls are a completely bespoke and the customisation is in the design of the football when it is manufactured, compared to Mitre who simply take their footballs and print your badge or customisation on. Another feature of Sambas customisable ball is that you have the freedom of choice over the colours that feature on your ball. Samba gives you the option of two footballs to customise, on being a match football and the other a training football both from their infiniti range. Due to these being manufactured by Samba the minimum order quantity is 300 with at least 100 per size and a great price of £6.75 per ball. You can customise all colours featured on this ball, the basic design will remain the same but all colours can be changed. See some examples below.



If you are interested in either of these options or need further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by emailing or calling 01353 663333