Embroidery V Printing. Which is best for you?


Once you have decided on your garments, the next thing to decide is what customisation you would like. We offer two different types of customisation, printing and embroidery. Both of these options have their own pros and cons.



We design, print, cut and weed all of our work in-house this provides the best efficiency meaning we can get all of your orders out as quick as possible. We use heat and pressure to apply the customisation on to the garment using our 6 heat presses.

We offer two different types of printing, single and multicolour printing, single colour is our cheapest type of customisation. Our multicolour prints can be done to your specification and meet any sponsors requirements.

There are various options when it comes to printed customisation, we offer printed badges in multi and single colour, sponsors, player names and initials. Printing is the cheaper option of the two and works best for large designs such as sponsors, numbers and player names. We like to make our kits as personal to your team as possible, we offer 9 different shirt number types to have a closer look click here.




We currently have 6 embroidery machines meaning that we can embroider 30 garments at one time. We are very proud of the quality of our embroidery, especially our embroidered badges, check out our social media to see some of the badges that we have produced.

Similar to printing we offer various embroidery options, these include badges, sponsor logos, texts and small numbers and initials. Our embroidered badges will stand the test of time on all garments and will no doubt last the distance of the garments. Our embroidered badges will really make your badge stand out.



If you have any queries or you are uncertain about which type of customisation is best for you then feel free to contact our sales team and they will be able to help you out. Call 01353 663333 or email info@3qsports.co.uk