How to create a FREE quote


The quickest way for you guys at home to get a quote from us is to use our FREE online quote builder on our website. This easy to use feature on our website is a great way to save time for both our sales team and our customers. It only takes around three minutes to create a quote on our website.

To start you will need to do log in to your account or click here to create a free account.

1. Add all of the products and customisation to your basket

2. Click view quote (top right of our website)

3. Check that everything in this basket is correct.

4. Click proceed to the next step.

5. You will then be shown a summary of your order, check that your delivery details are correct and select the correct delivery option.

6. Click submit a quote

7. You will then be given the option to pay for your order now or to submit quote only.

8. Click submit quote only, you will receive an email with the details of your quote and a sales member will receive a notification with the details of your quote and will be able to answer any queries you may have.


One of the great things about being able to free no-obligation quotes is that you can create multiple quotes and compare them. This can come in handy at club meetings as you can show the quotes to other members of the club and decide on which kit is best for your team.

Perfect for repeat orders or if you want to top up an existing order, you can visit old quotes and edit, download or re-order them. To do this click on the account button in the top right corner of our website and click ‘View Submitted Quotes/Orders’. This will then list all of your previous orders and quotes.

You still have the option to email us with the details of your quote and it can be created by one of our sales members. Although this will take longer than creating the quote on our website. If you have any problems or any questions please get in touch by emailing or by calling 01353 663333