How to get sponsors for your sports team


One of the biggest challenges for grassroots football teams is raising funds. The most popular way of doing this is through sponsorship, but finding a business can be a tricky task. We hope that this blog post will give a bit of guidance on how to go about trying to get a sponsor for your teams, kit or equipment.


Look within your club

If you are managing a junior grassroots team, speak to the parents of the players. One of them may be a business owner that may be able to help out with the sponsorship of your kit or part of it.


Local area

Look at local businesses within your town or village. See if sponsorship is something they might be interested in. We all know that Sunday league teams often have a pub that the game debrief takes place, this is a good business to offer sponsorship as your team frequently go there and spend money.


Think about big companies
If you are struggling to find a business in your local community to sponsor you, don’t be afraid to look at bigger companies. Often national companies will have budgets set aside to support the local community as doing this gives a positive reflection of their business. For them supporting multiple small clubs can benefit them more than sponsoring one big club.


Think about what you will be asking for

When planning what equipment and team wear you need it is easy to get carried away. Think about the basics that your team need to get started. The smaller the amount of money you are requesting from the sponsor the more likely they are to say yes, they may even offer more!


Explain how it will benefit them

When speaking to potential sponsors don’t forget to explain to them that they will benefit from the deal! By sponsoring your team they can get a host of benefits including:

-  Exposure to the local community from having their logo on your Teamwear.

-  If your team use social media, this can be a way to give their business


-   Business posters, leaflets and signs can be put up in the

club house.

- Also, be sure to mention that supporting the local community can reflect

well on their business.



Sponsorship raffle

Another option you could try is a sponsorship raffle. Think about the figure that your club needs and work out a price that businesses can buy a ticket to be entered into a raffle to become the sponsor of your team.

For example:

If you need £500 for your new kit, then you could sell 10 tickets at £50 each and pick the winner out of the hat and use the money to purchase your kit with the winner as the sponsor on the front.