How to pick the right kit for your team

We know how many different kits are on the market and how tricky it can be to find the kit that’s right for your team. We have created this blog post to take you through the stages of deciding which kit is for you.



When deciding which kit is for you one of the first things you must think about is the colour you are looking for. You will need to think about which colours are your team’s home colours and which kits match this.



Often clubs will have a certain style of kit their teams will usually wear. This may be a striped or hooped kit or maybe a more classic one colour kit. Most of the brands we sell give plenty of options when it comes to shirt styles.



Once you know what kit colour and style you are looking for you can start to compare the different brands that we sell. This will depend on the style you are considering and if the brand sells a kit in the design or style that you are looking for. Budget is something else to take into consideration, some brands can be more expensive than others.


Extra garments

The next question you will need to ask is what garments your team require and how many you need? You may also need to order a new set of shorts and socks for your kits. Some teams also purchase extra garments like tracksuits, ¼ zip tops or rain jackets.




Once you have decided all of the garments you require, you will then need to think about customisation.

 Do you want your team badge on your kit?

 Do you need numbers on the back of your shirt?

If you have a sponsor will their logo need to go on your kit?

Do the extra garments need customisation like badges, numbers or initials?




 After this, you will need to decide on which sizes your team needs. You don’t need to pick one size, you can choose a variety of sizes for your team. We suggest ordering samples to make sure you select the correct sizes. 

We know how difficult it can be to know what size kit you or your team will need. As we can’t refund any customised goods we always advise our customers to order samples to check sizing. Any incorrect non-customised garments can be refunded, simply fill out our refund form.

All brands fit slightly differently and not all of the size guides we are provided with are suited to everybody.


Getting a quote

Once you think you know everything that your team needs you can create a free quote on our website. This can be done for several different kits and you can compare and then select which one you would like.

Follow this link to learn how to create a quote, it takes under three minutes!

If you need any additional help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 01353 663333 or emailing