Joma's 2019 Teamwear Range

Joma is one of our best-selling suppliers and it isn’t hard to see why with the latest teamwear range. We are always impressed with Joma, their ranges always include plenty of choice which is great. The 2019 range includes 4 new training ranges and 8 new shirts and matchday sets. Joma is one of the most popular teamwear brands at 3Q, we put this down to excellent quality and design at an affordable price. If you would like to view the full 2019 range click here. 


First, we have a ¼ zip from the Crew III range. The Crew ranges have always been popular as they always come in great colours at an affordable price. This ¼ zip comes in 10 different colours, so this will match almost all teams’ colours. We picked this ¼ zip as one of our stands out products as ¼ zips and drill tops seem t be the in thing in teamwear, great for warming up and cold training sessions. In terms of design, this top comes complete with contrast shoulders and sides. 

Next, we have the Joma Champion V Tracksuit available from £23.10. Made up of a jacket with open zip that features contrasting details on the shoulders and armhole. The ribbed detail on the trouser bottoms and cuffs to provide optimal fit. You have the choice of 15 different colour ways to choose from all made from 100% polyester interlock.

Our final trainingwear product is the Joma Supernova pants. The slim close-fitting design of these bottoms make them great for training in as they stay close to the leg and provide great mobility. The Supernova bottoms feature contrasting colour detail on the sides which will go well with a whole range of tracksuit tops and ¼ zips. There are 7 colours to pick from and sizes range from 6xs to 3XL. 


This product really stood out to us because of the great price, many teams are on a tight budget and the Joma Academy II set is perfect for this. Whether you are looking for a new matchday or training kit this set can cater to both. Prices start from just £9.52 and you have the choice of 6 colour ways. The design consists of a contrasting stripe across the chest and arms, perfect to ad your badge or initals. 

Next, we have the Joma Champion V Shirt, available in both short and long sleeve. We see this shirt as a great option for all teams this is mainly down to the great colour options and low price point. Choose from 18 different colours, the Champion V shirt is available from as little £7.56. The semi-fitted design includes contrasting colour detail on the sleeves and underarms and round neck made with 100% polyester interlock.

Finally, we have the Joma supernova shirt. We know that this shirt won’t be for everyone, it is a very loud design. The sublimation on the front of the shirt really makes this kit stand out, that’s what we like about this shirt. Often, kits can be quite plain and simple but sometimes our customers want something a bit different. Available in 10 different colours and a matching tracksuit top is also available here. Again, this shirt is a semi-fitted pro fit made from 100% polyester interlock.