Partnership with Edge Of Play Coaching

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Edge of Play Coaching, after meeting with James (Coach, Edge of Play Partner) to discuss the ideas and plans Edge of Play have started to put in place, it was clear to us that it was an easy decision team up with them. James and Jack have both given up their careers to dedicate their time, knowledge and passion for the beautiful game to bring a coaching resource site that provides hundreds of coaching videos covering Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mental disciplines.

There is no catch to this, every video is completely FREE and their site is adding new features every week. So if you are a manager, coach, parent or grandparent that is looking for the perfect sessions or drills to freshen up your training sessions then this is the site for you. We are all thrown in to helping out a junior side with little experience, or its been a few years since you were last involved and the game has moved on from your old days. Look no further for current fun and educationial coaching resource. 

Edge of play have a dream that they are pursuing and we are so happy that we can team up with such a great coaching team. We think that their sessions and drills are great for our customers and sharing their content through our website and social channels is a great way to provide you with great content.

Check out the video below to find out a bit more about Edge of Play...


We have selected a couple of our favourite drills, click on the images below to check out the sessions.


This box passing exercise is fantastic for teaching young players the importance of making a good angle to receive the ball from a team-mate. If you're looking for your team to use possession effectively, you need to begin with the fundamentals & this game will help with that.

Equipment needed:


This video gives you a combination play for 6 players. It builds up to where players are using tiki-taka passing at speed, controlling and moving effectively.

Equipment needed:

Want to find out more about Edge of Play?
Be sure to check out their website