Preseason Equipment Checklist


We have created a section on our website dedicated to preseason equipment, in here you will find all the equipment that you will need to get your team into shape for the new season. In this blog post, you will find a checklist for preseason equipment as well as links to our favourite preseason essentials.

May seem like an obvious one but can often be forgotten about at the end of the season then get to your first preseason session and realise your footballs need replacing. We recommend the Nike Pitch team Training football available from only £6.00.

Ball Carrier
This one doesn’t take much explaining, how else are you going to carry your footballs? How about this Mitre Mesh Ball Carry Net.

Planning your preseason session and then getting there and realising all your footballs are flat can be a nightmare. Make sure you have a pump (that works!) and a pump needle. We recommend this Stirrup Pump.

Water bottles 
Preseason sessions are often made twice as hard by the summer heat, so staying hydrated is essential. Our favourites are the Precision x12 bottle set, which can be found here

Cones/space markers 
Next up we have another old favourite, space markers. We know you probably have a set with half missing and the ones you have are completely battered that you’ve had for over 5 years. Replace them with this set of 50 here. Alternatively, we have flat space markers here.

Poles are very versatile, you can use them for slaloms both with and without a ball. We recommend the mini pole set, which can be found here

Agility Ladders
Agility ladders are great to get the heart racing, whether its single foot in each square, two feet in each square or two-footed jumps. Find our favourite here.

Like agility ladders, hurdles are used for speed training. Conventional hops over them with one foot, two feet or sideways are great drills. Find them here.

Medical bag
Medical bags are something you hope you won’t need to use but are essential to have in your equipment bag. Check out our Precision medical bag with contents here.

You often smell them before you see them! Everyone usually tries their best to avoid wearing bibs as they’ve been kicking about in the bottom of the kitbag soggy, for the last 5 years. Kit your team out in our 3Q mesh training bibs, available from just £1.75!

Tactic folder
Make it easy to show your players what you want them to do with our tactic folder, dry-wipe marker pen and numbered magnets included. Also, plan your sessions before you get there with the included planning sheets in the Precision tactic folder.

Shop the rest of our preseason equipment here.

If you have any questions about any of these products or any of our other products please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via emailing or calling 01353 663333