Preseason essentials 2018

We have put together a small checklist to help you make sure you have everything you need to get your players in the best shape for the new season. A few of these may be very obvious but we don’t want you to turn up to your first session back without all the equipment that you need. We have also created two bundle packages that contain everything on our list.





Footballs + Ball carrier
Maybe the most obvious on the list but this is a reminder to check your footballs from last season and decide if they need replacing. Check for any rips/holes and pump them all up to check for any punctures. If you are in need of new training footballs check out our range here.

cones.png Cones
Another very obvious one but these are an essential for almost every session you will run. They are the most versatile piece of equipment in football, can be used to mark out pitches, running distances or even goals. Make sure you have a good set in a range of colours. Our cones and space markers can be found here.

Your player will be working extremely hard in preseason and the summer weather can be very hot so dehydration is a huge threat. To make sure your players take on plenty of water you need a good set of water bottles. If you have some from the previous season make sure you give them a good clean for the new season and ensure you have enough to go round. If you are looking for a new set of water bottles we have a great range here.

Bibs.png Bibs
Bibs are another essential not only for preseason but throughout your season. If you are looking to replace your bibs we have a great range of bibs in numerous colours from all of the top brands as well as unbranded. We recommend the 3Q mesh training bibs, these come in 10 different colours. 

Ball Pump
Getting the footballs out of your car at your first session back and realising they are all flat and you have no way to inflate them would be a huge problem. We recommend making sure you have a good quality pump whether that be a hand pump or stirrup pump. Our range of pumps can be found here.


Those are the things that we consider essentials, things that every team will need. If you are interested in buying all of these, we have a great package deal which can be found here.

We have all added a few extras below that we think your team will need but they are not essential.


coaches-folder.png Coaches Folder
Coaches folders are great for coaches who like to stay organised. Plan your sessions and take notes throughout. We recommend the Precision Tactic Folder that features magnetic full pitch on one side and 20x planning sheets on the other. The dry-wipe marker pen with foam erased is great for explaining sessions and game tactics. Find them here.

Ladders are great for footwork drills and short sprint exercises. If you want to work on your player’s agility and quick feet, there are a range of drills that can be done using a ladder. Check out our Agility ladder, available from £15 here.

medi-bag.png Medical Bag
A medical bag is something that every team needs. Unfortunately, injuries do happen so making sure you have a medical bag with the correct contents is very important. We recommend the Precision Medical Bag With Contents, this set includes F.A. standard pack contents and free jet spray bottles. Find this medical bag and contents here.



We hope that this list gets you ready for preseason and makes sure you have everything you need to get your players into the best shape to start the season in the best possible way. If you have any questions about these products or any on our website please get in touch via live chat or call us on 01353 663333.