Prostar hangs up its boots

We are sad to announce that Mitre Prostar will be closing Prostar from the end of 2017. It has been a tough decision for Mitre/Prostar to bring to an end what used to be one of the most iconic brands in the football market. For us here at 3Q Sports, Prostar was our very first account we opened and have grown with them as a company for the last 16 years. It’s easy for any brand to be lost in the tough marketing world we live in and the brand power over what clothes we choose today is ever reflected by brands that are on the pitch.
Prostar has seen a decline for a while now in their sales and with an increase in Mitre Teamwear, this will now be their main focus. The decision to close the Prostar Teamwear is a sad one for those that have used Prostar loyally year after year, however, as one door closes another opens, Mitre United have introduced a very strong range for 2017. What Mitre have done that Prostar never did, was invest in technology of the clothing. Mitres new Pro Flow technology in the fabric brings a modern and high quality product to the market.  

There is still full stock of the Prostar ranges and prices have been reduced to clear stocks. So if you are still wanting something from Prostar then now is the best chance to grab yourself a top quality product at a reduced price.