The process of a customised order at 3Q Sports

We have detailed the process that a customised order goes through starting from the initial quote/enquiry to final delivery to your doorstep. This guide will give our customers an idea of where in the process their order is.


Quote is submitted online at 3Q Sports

Once the customer has decided which products they would like to purchase and also what customisation they would like on their garments. They can add all of these to the basket and then submit this as a FREE quotation. This is then sent through to a member of our sales team who will then be in touch.

The 3Q Sports customer service team will review the quote and also check stock availability with our suppliers and advise if there are any stock issues before any payment is taken. We will advise any stock problems with the expected restock date that our suppliers provide or will look to offer an alternative product.



The order is discussed with the customer

Our sales team will contact the customer about their chosen products and more about their customisation. Any badges, logos will be sent to our sales team. All stock information is given at this point.



Kit mock is created & confirmed

Our sales team will create a kit mock of exactly what the customer wants the order and how it will look, this will include fonts and position of the customisation. We will require all of this information prior to doing this. We will email the customer with the relevant kit mock for approval.



Payment is received

Once payment for the order has been received and the order has been confirmed the 3Q team will then start the process of creating your kit.


The process behind the scenes begin

3Q Sports will order direct from our relevant supplier for delivery direct to our warehouse, this will be dependent on stock availability which the customer will have been advised.


The sample is created (if needed) & confirmed

If your order requires embroidery we will stitch out a sample of what the embroidered badge looks like and email this to the customer, this will need to be confirmed by the customer. We will also send across a final kit mock of the order with relevant customisation details for the customer to confirm.



Design Stage (Printed items)

Once all of the logos are agreed, our in-house design team will produce the relevant logos for the order. Matching colours, sizes and special instructions with the order.

This is then printed off and passed to our Customisation Department, who carefully check the logos and make sure they are correct to the requirements and will then process the prints, removing any excess materials. Once complete these are then stored with the order ready for printing.



Embroidery process is started

-    The embroidery mocks and garments are checked by the 3Q embroidery team.

-    The embroidery machines are set up for the logo requirements. Making sure all threads match the agreed colours required.

-    The garment is framed up to get the logo in the correct position.

-    Embroidery is then added to the garment direct from the machine.

-    Finish touches are made to the logo to remove any excess thread.



The printing process is started

-    The printing mocks and garments are counted and checked by the 3Q Print team.

-    The order then has a final QC checked before final process.

-    The logos are the printed onto the garments using our heat press machines.



The order is packed and sent out on a next day delivery by our courier service.

All our UK orders leave our warehouse on a next day delivery to the address requested by the customer.



If you have any question about your order or any of our products please get in touch with us using our live chat feature.