Using movement to create space to attack - unopposed

We have a great partnership with free online coaching resource, Edge Of Play, they provide football coaches with hundreds of coaching sessions and drills. Check out this drill to work on creating space to attack.


Working in groups this energetic soccer practice sees players look at different types of attacking movement off the ball that will create themselves space on the pitch. We first look at feinting to take the defender away to receive the ball short, then bringing the defender in close to spin and play in behind.

Click the video link to watch the drill in action on the Edge Of Play Website


Equipment Needed:


The first part of a session on creating space to play forward. This is the unopposed warm up which will focus on getting the energy right for the session and the basic movements an attacking player can use to create space.

Coaching Points

Be dynamic with your movement

Use big movements to create as much space as possible

Open body shape when receiving the ball to play forward

Quick speed of play

Slick weight and accuracy of the passing