Wembley Doubles - The perfect arrival activity

Our friends over at Edge of Play Coaching have added another great activity to get your players engaged as soon as they arrive. This is the old classic "Wembley Doubles" you may already know how to play this but continue reading for a reminder.

This simple classic gets players engaged in your session as soon as they arrive. Shooting, shot-stopping, passing, dribbling, defending, etc etc - this paired activity brings lots of elements of a full game into a fun, energetic 2v2 game. Easy to set up and adapt as players arrive at your session in ones and twos, and so straightforward that the players can referee themselves while you ensure the main part of your session is prepared.

Click the video link below to watch the drill in action on the Edge Of Play Website.

Equipment needed:

Coaching points:

The whole point in an Arrival Activity is that you can just let the players play! However, you should expect to see opportunities for the players to work on their:

* Shooting & following up shots.

* Expression on the ball: lots of touches, skills, disguises and turns to beat a defender.

* Short passing, combination play, short crossing, shielding, ball control & dribbling.

* Shot stopping and handling. (for Goalkeepers)

* Defending skills - such as 1v1 situations, cover & support, marking & tackling.

* Team-work & communication.

* Fitness & dynamic movements.

NOTE: Due to the high intensity nature of this activity, as players get to around 9-10+ years old, you may want to start with a warm up first to decrease chances of muscular injury. The older players get, the more likely they are to require a dynamic exercises warm up.