Which match day footballs should my team buy?

Which ball is best for my team is a question that we frequently get asked here at 3Q sports. We hope that this quick guide will help you to decide on a football that is suitable for your team.


One of the first things to consider is what size football you need, most of the balls that we sell come in size 3, 4 and 5. Junior teams will be looking at size 3 and 4 footballs depending on the age. The Mitre Mini Soccer match football is a great football for young players making the step up to match play. The lighter design makes the ball easier to control and will inspire confidence in junior players.

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We offer footballs that are designed for all different levels and different price points. In this blog post we have selected three of our match day footballs at different levels: amateur, intermediate and advanced.


The first football we have selected is the Mitre Match Hyperseam football. This is Mitres most affordable match football starting at £12. This 12-panel ball is based on the Delta Hyperseam, Mitre’s most advanced football. The wound core gives increased shape and size control and it’s high air retention bladder means low maintenance. Available in sizes 3,4 and 5.

We would recommend the delta match hyperseam for grass roots beginners’ football, this includes juniors moving into more competitive gameplay to adults amateur teams that may be on a budget.


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Up next is the Nova Hyperseam Football from Mitre, great for high use in both adult and youth football. This ball is highly durable and made up of 12 foam backed panel, giving comfort and control. Designed for use on grass and astroturf, the Nova gives great consistency with low maintenance. Available in sizes 3,4 and 5. Prices start at £15.

We would recommend the Nova Hyperseam to intermediate teams, playing competitive football at a local standard.

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The final football is the Mitre Manto V12S. A FIFA inspected match ball using Mitres newest Hyperseam technology. This football's 12-panel construction is thermally bonded, not stitched this delivers a true flight. The 4mm foam lining means that the ball is forgiving as well as tough. As this is an advanced football it is only available in sizes 4 and 5. Prices start at £18.50

We recommend this football to teams playing at a higher level of the game, including semi-professional teams and high-level regional teams.

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We hope that this blog post has given you some guidance into which footballs would suit your team best. This is only a snippet of the range we sell at 3Q Sports so if you would live to view our full range click here.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone on 01353 663333 or email info@3qsports.co.uk