Why do we need to warm up?

Before any type of exercise, you must be sure to warm up, especially when playing football. Doing intense activity without warming up can result in injury. Most warm ups consist of light cardiovascular exercises combined with stretches. The cardiovascular exercises will bring the heart rate up and increase body temperature. The stretching warms the muscles and prepares them for movements required in the session or match. We also warm up to get the mind ready for the session or match, to get your players in the right mind frame before stepping out on to the pitch.


Raise the heart rate


To start the warm up you want to get the blood pumping around the body. A couple of light jogs across the width of the pitch is enough.




You need to incorporate both dynamic and static stretches in your warm up. When performing dynamic stretches, it is important to think about the different movements the body will be doing once the whistle has been blown for kick off. These will include high kicks across the body, opening and closing the groin, as well as movements for the arms. Static stretches improve mobility and range of movement.


Get the ball involved


It’s not just about trying to get your players physically ready for the match but also mentally. This is when getting the football itself involved in warm up comes into play. Make sure all your players get a feel for the ball before kick-off and get used to passing the ball to their teammates. As often especially at lower levels, the quality of the pitch can be unpredictable, to say the least passing the ball about can help your players get used to the surface.


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Why not try Keep ball?

Mark out a square with cones, give half of the players bibs and give them a target of how many passes must be strung together in order to get a point. The number of passes will depend on level of your players.

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Don’t forget about the goalkeeper


As mentioned earlier you want to get your players ready for the movements they are going to be doing in the match. When it comes to goalkeepers, their movements are going to be completely different to an outfield player. Make sure your goalkeeper is warmed up properly before your games and we don’t mean your substitutes smashing three balls at them all at the same time!

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What about a warm down?

Just as important as the warm up is the warm down. The focus of a warm down is to restore the body to its normal condition. This will reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery time. A slow jog and gentle dynamic stretches should help.