Winter Wishlist


We have put together a list of must-haves to get you through the winter! Whether you’re a fan on the sideline or you are part of the starting 11, this wish list will ensure you make it through the winter nice and warm!


1. Coat

Standing on the sideline can be cold, very cold! Even for those supporters and managers on the sideline who kick every pass and head every header, a nice warm coat is a necessity. We have a great range of manager’s coats and bench jackets from all of the top suppliers. One of our favourites is the Joma Alaska Andes Bench Jacket.




2. Woolly Hat & Scarf

Woolly hats and scarves are not only a great way to keep warm but also a great way to show support for your team! We offer a range of colours and styles with embroidered team name or badge included. Great to sell in the team shop! Click here to see our range.


3.Base layer

Having a base layer is essential in the winter months. For some teams especially goalkeepers it can be a struggle to get a colour match, we supply Rhino Baselayers which come in 17 different colours. Click here to have a closer look.



4. Tracksuit bottoms

Tight fitting tracksuit bottoms are all the rage at the moment, from the professionals all the way to grassroots. The slim fit design makes them great for training in as it doesn’t limit mobility. These are great for the winter evening training sessions and traveling to and from games. We found it hard to pick our favourites so we selected three. Joma Champion IV Training pant, Adidas Tiro 17 Training pants and Nike Squad 17 Training Pant



5. 1/4 Zip Top

¼ Zip tops seem to be the preferred jacket when it comes to team wear this season. Perfect for turning up to games looking the part and for subs on the sideline. Most ¼ zip tops are slim fitting so they don’t restrain mobility so they are great for training sessions and warming up. One of our favourites is the Academy 16 1/4 zip from Nike.