Product Colour Choices

We appreciate that at times it can get confusing identifying different shades of colours when selecting products. You may be looking for a Navy jacket. Sounds simple right? In some cases you may be faced with 3 different Navy colours, Light Navy, Navy and Dark Navy. We are here to help and advise to ensure you get the correct colour for your order and that it will match either previous orders or maybe the same colour match for a short/shirt. This page is here to explain certain colour/shade issues you might be faced with, if you are still unsure we would advise you to contact us discuss the issues.


We have listed below different issues with different brands colours that we hope help you.


With any ordering we always recommend to check the following:


Name of the colour - For example a Navy and a Dark Navy will be different shades.

Code of the product colour - Each product will have its own Product code, most have the same codes at the start but then end with a 2 or 3 digit code to identify the colour, these codes are unique to that particular product and will never change. Making sure these match will confirm the correct colour match.


Colour Issue - Navy

Joma have 3 different shades of Navy in their range, we have listed below when these colours were first launched into the range and how best we can describe the colours.


Light Navy - The original Navy that is now being phased out of the Joma ranges, a very light navy that can now only be found in ranges that have been in the brochure for 3-4 years. Most items have 1 year left on them and will then be discontinued.

Products and ranges included are Champion II ranges, Victory range, Real Short and Combi bottoms.


Navy - Introduced into the range from January 2015, a standard Navy that has been included in ranges such as Champion III, Estadio, Crew, Standard, Combi.


Dark Navy - New to the range in 2016, this colour has been added to core ranges such as the Nobel short, classic socks, combi range. It is also the new Navy going forward for Joma, so eventually this will be the only Navy that Joma will have in the range.


Colour Issue - Burgundy


Old Burgundy (Wine) – The original Joma colour for burgundy which is in all ranges except any products new from 2016. The colour is more of a purple burgundy hence the new name (Wine). This colour will be phased out and the new burgundy will replace it. The brochure states that this colour is Wine, however the packaging on older products will say Burgundy. Codes for this product should end with .650

New Burgundy (Ruby) - A more brown burgundy has been introduced and when comparing the two together this is the better and true version of burgundy. This will be the new colour going forward and has been added to all new products launched from 2016. Also added to ranges such as the Combi and the Classic sock and Nobel Short.