Mitre Prostar £200 Kit Back Scheme


The Mitre United scheme is a national initiative to support grassroots football and encourage every football club to try Mitre's quality teamwear range. The key feature is a free kit offer, available through our trusted retail partner 3Q Sports.

The scheme provides registered clubs with £200 worth of free kit, selected footballs or equipment for every £2000 RRP they spend on Mitre or Prostar teamwear and trainingwear. The new offer reflects Mitre's commitment to football at a grassroots level and we're confident that local clubs and leagues can benefit from the kit solution at a competitive price.

Mitre United will also give away extra prizes such as match tickets, VIP experiences and kit throughout the period of the campaign which runs from 1st March 2017 to the 28th February 2019.

It's simple to join the Mitre United scheme and get your free welcome pack.

Here's how it works :

1. Sign Up. Simply register here!

2. You're Welcome! You'll receive a free gift, a welcome pack, and regular updates from Mitre.

3. Start Shopping. Spend £2000 RRP at 3Q Sports on Mitre Prostar teamwear and choose from selected free product up to £200 RRP

4. Great Save! Collect your free kit, wear it and play!

Once you've registered your club as part of the Mitre United scheme you'll receive an email from Mitre confirming your registration - and then you'll receive your free Mitre Welcome Pack including a free gift. The Welcome Pack will include details about the scheme, the new Mitre catalogue, your membership card, and free bibs for your club.

You can then start spending with us here at 3Q Sports. The Welcome Pack will include a Mitre United card which has a unique reference for your club. Every time you spend 3Q Sports will use this code and we'll send you bi-weekly updates of how much your club has spent. Make sure all the teams at your club use the same reference when placing their orders and let the 3Q Sports sales team know.

Once you've spent £2000 at RRP on Mitre or Prostar teamwear and trainingwear you'll be allocated with a free £200 to spend on Mitre apparel, Calcio or Ultimatch footballs, or our Speed and Agility Training Set - making sure you can kit your club out in our one stop shop. All you need to do is let 3Q Sports know you'd like to order the free goods, we'll send it out to 3Q Sports and let you know it's on it's way.

As part of our regular communication to update you on your clubs spend we'll also send out emails with a chance for you to win a variety of prizes as we reward the clubs who are part of the Mitre United team. This will include ticket giveaways, VIP experiences, free kit giveaways and much more.

If you were part of our previous Kit Back scheme we've got some great news. The scheme ended on the 28th February 2016 - however due to you being part of our squad we've decided to allow the spend to continue into the new Mitre United scheme allowing you to continue with your accumulative spend, whilst also giving you access to the new scheme and all the benefits that come with it. All you need to do is re-register your club and we'll be able to merge your spend from last year onto the new scheme - and you'll still get your free welcome pack. Any questions please contact 3Q Sports.

How does the RRP spend work?

We work the scheme on the RRP value of the products which you're purchasing and therefore you might not even have to spend £2000 to claim your free £200. If you received a 10% discount on your order with 3Q Sports you'd actually only spend £1,800 - however you've actually purchased £2,000 worth of product at full RRP and therefore you receive your free £200.

Thanks for being part of our team - we look forward to welcoming you to Mitre United.

Terms & Conditions:


1. You must sign up to this scheme, this can be done via the below form. You will then be contacted by Mitre to authorise the account.

2. Your account will not be active until the first order of £200 RRP has been placed.

3. Mitre will issue you with a # reference for the club.

4. This reference will be used on all Mitre Prostar orders so we are able to track the sales.

5. Once the club spends £2,000 (RRP) on Mitre Prostar clothing there will be free teamwear available of the value of £200 (RRP).

6. Prices are on the RRP prices and orders that receive 3Q Sports discount will still be based on the RRP.

7. All RRP prices can be found on each product page or by viewing the basket with the requested items in there.

8. For any issues or questions please contact us on - 01353 663333 or

Please Submit your details below and we will be in contact shortly.

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