Can I order and pay for my order online?

Yes, orders can be paid online, you will need to log into your account and then view your recently submitted quotes. You will find a button that will direct you to the checkout.

I am having trouble logging in?

Due to our new website, your login details may need to be resubmitted. We suggest you register your details again, if you continue to have more problems please email 

I need help using your website?

Sorry you are having difficulty using our new site, please call our technician directly on 01353 663333 opt 2 and he will be happy to help.

How do I edit a quotation I have submitted?

Please follow this step by step guide:

1. Log in to your account
On your account page, you will see Submitted Quotes - Click on this.
3. All of your submitted quotes will be listed, please choose the quote in which you wish to edit. (Please note orders that have been   paid and confirmed can not be edited.)
4. At the bottom of the invoice, there will be the button 'Edit Order' please click this.
5. Your quotation will then show in your basket, please add/remove products that you require.
6. When done click 'Submit Quote'.
7. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and click 'Update Order'.

Your order has been updated and you will receive an email with your new quotation.

My card has been charged more than once for a transaction?

Credit/Debit Card payment declined transactions will result in the money being held by your bank. 3Q Sports payment will tell you the transaction was declined, and your bank is telling you it has been approved. Yes, your bank approved the transaction but 3Q Sports merchant's payment gateway declined the transaction so the entire transaction was declined even though your bank approved it. 3Q Sports merchant's payment gateway has security settings that may have triggered a decline such as address and postcode code verification. It is the way the banks operate, so it's not your fault nor 3Q Sports fault. 3Q Sports cannot remove the charge since it was never approved at our end, so please do NOT ask 3Q Sports to remove this charge. The charge will be in a "pending" state, and the money will never be taken out of your credit card account but the reserve will be put aside so it will reduce your credit limit until the transaction clears on its own within 2-5 business days. The bank will say "ask 3Q Sports to call in to cancel this transaction", but 3Q Sports CAN NOT call in on your behalf as the credit card companies will not share account information with non-account holders such as 3Q Sports.

Do you do your own printing and embroidery?

Yes we have our own in-house dedicated design and print department, we also have our own embroidery machines and everything we supply that has custom printing or embroidery is done on-site.

Do you export?

Due to shipping cost and weight we only supply to UK mainland addresses, we can supply to Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland but additional shipping costs will apply.

Do you have direct accounts with the manufacturers that you advertise or do your buy from a 3rd party?

Yes, we have direct trade accounts with Nike, Adidas, Umbro, Joma, Puma, Stanno, Prostar, Mitre, Diamond, Precision Training and we are also members of the Sports Traders Association Group (STAG). We only supply products direct from these manufacturers and no other source.